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Feng Shui REDESIGN Testimonials


"I am a novice when it comes to knowing the fine details of the art of Feng Shui.  Linda did some miraculous things for me when I asked for her help with my career. Within 3 weeks of Linda's help with getting me started in the right direction and making some initial changes to my home -  I got offered a new job that met several of my criteria in an employment opportunity, such as close to home, increased earning power, good benefits and congenial co-workers. The axis is finally turning in my favor when it comes to the law of attraction and the Feng Shui work that has begun.  My plan is to continue down the path that Linda has laid out for my Feng Shui map and enjoy all the good things to come!  I highly recommend anyone who wants to see improvements in their lives to consult with Linda." (Diana S., Dallas)





 "I have begun to implement some of your Feng Shui redesign suggestions--back porch was cleaned this am and, I found some light green cushions for the chair, plus pillows, plus yellow honeysuckle candles.   I have put two red lampshades on the lamps in the living room and oh, my what a difference!  It is just the right accent!!!    Managed to move the mirror in the bedroom over the dresser and the large picture of the two deers now above the bed.  Small changes, but I feel the energy-- I bought a some red candles, plus found a beautiful Lady Palm for the back porch.   Your ideas are great!"    (Joanna Y., Richardson)


"Linda is a dedicated organizer who also offers Feng Shui. I have used her services myself in my new home as I moved in and I’ve already seen benefits from this effort. I recommend her to my clients and friends." (Samantha H., Prof Organizer & NAPO President, 2012)


"Thank you for coming to my home and giving me pointers on how I can enhance my career and prosperity with Feng Shui. I went up into the attic and brought down awards and plaques and put them on my second self of my bookcase.  So every time I walk into my office, I see them first.  It's very comforting.  I now love going into my office.  I also got rid of several of the binders that were sitting on top of the bookcase. I now have my gratitude jar in my bedroom, instead of a worries jar. I continue to add to my jar what I'm grateful for..."  (Lori, Plano)




"Thank you so very much for your Feng Shui consult with my new Acupuncture Clinic.  I used all your  suggestions and I have gotten a lot of compliments about my office. Your suggestions were extremely beneficial, and put me on the right track." (Patti C., Plano)

  Are you stuck or in a rut and ready for change?

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of how you are handling your life).

If so, . . .

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